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Trelino Origin M leakproof body
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Trelino® Origin M • Composting toilet for Vans
Trelino® Origin M • Composting toilet for Vans


🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Trelino® Origin M • Composting toilet for Vans

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A good-looking and versatile composting toilet for your travels! Designed and made in Germany, the Trelino Origin M is comfortable, easy to use and has a sturdy wooden lid.

Product Highlights

  • Simple disposal Simple disposal
  • Convenient intermediate size Convenient intermediate size
  • Easily transportable Easily transportable
  • Extremely robust Extremely robust

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width 13.0 in Width 13.0 in
  • Depth 15.4 in Depth 15.4 in
  • Height 13.2 in Height 13.2 in
  • Weight 12.8 lbs Weight 12.8 lbs

• Width 13.0 in
• Depth 15.4 in
• Height 13.2 in

The Trelino® Origin M is only about a hand breadth higher than a beer crate and similarly compact.

Number One (Pee)
The urine canister has a volume of 1.3 US gal and holds 9 - 11 No. 1s.

Number Two (Poo)
The solids container has a volume of 1.8 US gal and holds 5 - 10 poos.

At 12.8 lb the Trelino® Origin M is easy to transport.

Area of application
With its compact dimensions, the Trelino® Origin M feels particularly at home in the Sprinter van, truck camper, RV or on the boat.

Odor neutrality
The separation and drying function of the toilet prevents unpleasant smells.

By dispensing with chemicals and water, the Trelino® Origin M is environmentally friendly and preserves natural resources.

Without water and chemicals, the Trelino® Origin M offers the freedom to travel independently of disposal stations.

Hygiene and cleanliness
Individually removable containers allow separate emptying and easy cleaning.

Leakage safety
Due to the solid workmanship, the exterior is leak-proof and protects against unpleasant mishaps on the road.

Water resistance
The exterior made of polyethylene is water resistant and therefore can also be used in the shower.

With its high-quality, robust body, the Trelino® Origin M takes on any adventure.

A fan can be installed for even faster drying of the solids. The hole in the separation toilet for the fan must be drilled yourself. We recommend a step drill 1.53 inches.

The body and containers of the Trelino® Origin M are made of recyclable, acid and chemical resistant polyethylene (PE). The waterproof glued lid is made of multilayer, untreated birch wood.

Lid attachment
The lid is fixed by holding magnets, which ensure that the separation toilet always remains well closed.

With its stylish wooden lid and shapely curves, the Trelino® Origin M will turn your smallest room into something very special.

Regional production
Production is carried out exclusively in Germany, taking into account high social standards.

How does a composting toilet work?

The inner workings of a composting toilet essentially consist of three parts: separator, urine canister and solids container. The separator leads the urine into the canister, while the solids end up in a bucket with a compost bag. You can also read a more detailed version in our blog post here.

What should I pay attention to when using it?

The correct sitting position is crucial for the best possible function of a composting toilet. For anatomical reasons, this differs for women and men. 

Why does a composting toilet not smell?

Odors are caused by the mixing of solids and liquids. Separating the excreta and then drying the solids prevents undesirable aromas. 

Do I have to change/empty the plastic bag after each use?

No! The whole point of using litter as a cover material to dry out the poo is that you can use the bag for several days and only empty it once full enough. Depending on the size, the bags hold between 3 and 12 number 2s.

Where can I get the litter / cover material to dry the solids?

You will be able to buy litter from us some time early next year. Until then or otherwise you can also buy good litter material from any garden or home improvement store. Find more info on our blog post about litter here.

Do I need a fan?

For other types of toilets, you might think about using a fan to counteract condensation, which accelerates the drying process of the solids and ensures that fragrances quickly dissolve into thin air. This is not necessary for your Trelino® because you would use a litter material after each use which dries out the solids and removes the smell. On top of that, the emptying cycles are quite frequent so you can very quickly dispose of your bag.

What happens when I have diarrhea?

Diarrhea is not a problem when using a composting toilet. Just use more litter to compensate for the liquid.

Where do I dispose of the contents?

Urine can easily be disposed of in a toilet connected to the sewer system. Diluted, it is also suitable as fertilizer for the home garden or the raised bed on the balcony. The bag with the solids is a case for the residual waste garbage can. Conditionally, composting is also possible. The urine canister and solids container can be emptied independently of each other.

Plastic bags and composting - how do they fit together?

For us, sustainability and environmental awareness do not end with disposal - we think beyond the garbage can. That's why we use renewable, organic materials for our solid bags that can be easily composted.

How do I clean a composting toilet?

Cleaning a composting toilet is as simple as its use. The household remedy diluted vinegar concentrate has proven its worth for most of the cleaning. Read more about it in our blog post here.

What makes Trelino® so special?

Trelino® is a quality product designed to last. A high-quality composting toilet that will accompany you for many years and makes a statement against the throwaway culture. In addition, Trelino® combines optimal functionality, ease of use and high comfort behind a unique design.

Scope of delivery

  • Exterior body
  • Wooden lid with securing magnets
  • Toilet seat with integrated separator
  • Urine canister (1.3 gal) + Solids container (1.8 gal)
  • Lid with membrane closure + spare lid
  • 10 bags made of recycled materials
Man carrying Trelino Origin M
Enjoy your breaks wherever you want

Thanks to its compactness and light weight, the Trelino® Origin M can be easily carried to your favorite place in nature.

Good-looking & trusted companion

Our Trelino@ Origin M is loved by travelers for many different reasons and will always help you relax!

Man carrying urine canister of Trelino Origin M
Easy to empty & easy to clean

Within a few seconds, you can easily remove each part of the Trelino® Origin M and empty them separately.

Since both the urine canister and the solids container can be emptied individually, you gain more freedom and have an easier time traveling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Melissa B. (United States)
Working as designed

I wasn’t sure that simple sawdust would work to mitigate odor, but it seems to work just fine. I’ve only used it a few times for number two, but it’s very easy to empty. I do think the valve comes out rather easily when cleaning but overall pleased.

Nick d.G. (Canada)
Great Biffy

Live in the rural Yukon, have a 4 wheel camper, and will only use when cat holes are not acceptable (i.e. busy areas to the south). Nice and small and fits perfectly in an unused space. The wooden top makes for a great disguise!

JoAnne p.w. (United States)
Updated review…

My issue with urine flow was resolved by sliding a bit forward on the seat…perfecto!
The Trelino is a delight to have in my van. Doesn’t take up much space and works well as an extra seat.
One thing I noticed was that there was no membrane in the opening…is that something I needed to purchase?

Ken B. (United States)
Where have you been all my life?

Works as advertised, better than the alternatives