Why Your Toilet Does not Always Need a Fan

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Airing out your Portable Toilet... 

...without a fan?? So no, you do not always need a vent or fan installed in your composting toilet. On its own, your solid waste will be able to dry out as long as it is kept separate from any of the liquids. Thankfully, our separator ensures that these two will not mix, making for a drier and less smelly toilet. 

Trelino separating system

A scentless, vent-free toilet option is especially practical for adventurers looking for more freedom in their camping gear. By not having a fan, you are able to move your toilet around as much as you want allowing you to poo with a view! You are also able to store it easily to as it is not tied down by the tubes and wires required by fan installations.

Fan installation is always an option but if you are looking for a more straightforward and flexible toilet option, we have compiled some overall observations and notes on four fan related topics to give you peace of mind in keeping it simple.If you are planning on using your toilet without a fan or for longer periods then these tips are especially helpful for you! 

Litter & Spray Keep Smells Away

No, your separating toilet will not necessarily smell if it does not have a fan. Our separating toilets are made to avoid smell whether they are ventilated or not! Routine maintenance and proper care will ensure that your bathroom stays feeling fresh and looking clean.

Your litter really is the key to a smell-free, unvented toilet. An effective one will soak up any moisture making sure your waste is dried out, therefore odorless. Two of the better ones for our toilets are small pet litter and saw dust. These are best at absorbing dampness enough to minimise the amount of condensation or smell in your solids container. Remember to add a scoop or two of litter to the solids container after each use.

Additionally, using a diluted vinegar solution spray to clean your urine container regularly will keep any ammonia scents and lime build up from forming in your space. To read more tips on a smell-free toilet, check out this article!

Weather the Weather with Separating Toilets

One of the most common considerations taken when making your toilet decision has to do with the weather. How could hotter or colder weather potentially affect your ability to use it when you want, the durability of toilet itself, and the smell associated with it? While you consider those aspects, here are a few tips for how to maintain your ventless composting toilet when more extreme weather occurs: 

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Cold weather: Our toilets are actually ideal for winter weather! They are easily used inside when you need to go so that you won't need to run outside on those cold nights that nature may be calling. However when it is cold, the solids bin may collect more condensation than usual. The waste will be significantly more warm than the temperatures outside of the toilet, causing that excess of condensation. For our lightweight toilet that is no problem! All you would need to do, is apply a bit more litter after each go than you typically would in order to soak it up. We also suggest airing it out during this time. As our toilet is built to be taken and used anywhere, setting it outside of your vehicle with the lid cracked to air out for an hour or so is an easy, hassle free process.

Hot weather: For those days over 90 degrees, it may be tougher for your waste to dry out as quickly as it typically does. Again, we recommend that you crack open the toilet lid and leave it out for an about an hour when necessary in order to air and dry out. Designed to be light enough to carry, transporting it outside of your vehicle is a lightweight, convenient process that can be done even in the heat. You can even set it out while you go exploring or take a dip to cool off!

Taken Anywhere: Transporting your Toilet

Man sitting on Trelino Origin by lake

One of the main objectives in designing our Trelinos® was the versatility and adaptability they could bring to your travels.

It should be able to be taken and used anywhere and then be packed away without taking up too much space in your vehicle.

A large part of that provided freedom is the ease of cleaning. The bag liner in the solids bin makes it possible to clean in seconds by simply taking out and tying it up. Your solids are 75% water so drying them out to reduce the volume and save space is important. Fans can help to reduce that volume by drying more quickly and that does make for longer times between emptying. However, our easy and quick disposal makes the somewhat more frequent emptying cycles hassle free.

While you may choose to install your toilet in a wet bath type build with a fan, we aim to give you the lightness and portability not to. This design also means having the freedom to not need to have your toilet hooked up to a van. By cutting off that connection, you are now able to easily move it around and store it in any available space. 

DIY Venting

Trelino fan setIf you still feel that you want a fan for your toilet, that is no problem! Our toilets are made to adapt to you whether you want to anchor the toilet down into your shower or install a vent system on the side. Both of our models are especially good for any small adaptations you may want to make. The bodies are made from strong and durable materials which can be cut or drilled into without the risk of cracks forming around the drill site.



While a fan may be an add-on that is feasible for you and your build, it is not always necessary. Our Trelinos® have been designed with simplicity and ease in mind so that you can effortlessly transport, clean, and use it without extra add-ons or hassles. 

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