Origin vs Evo

Our two premier product series are quite similar, yet a bit different. On this page we show you the main differences between the two products. Both stand for convenience, good-looking and easy to use toilets but each one has additional advantages.
Man holding up Trelino Evo M toilet
Our Evo Series

Our Evo products launched as our brand-new product series in 2022. It was designed to be even more lightweight, good-looking, easy to clean and comfortable than our previous product lines. Therefore it is one of the lightest and most portable composting toilets on the market. 

Both the body, made of ABS, material of the highest standard, and the containers, made of out of high quality PE, are made of recyclable plastic and are resistant to aqueous chemicals.

Some features:
– Ergonomic seat, like at home
– Ultra lightweight (9 - 11 lbs.)
– Soft-close automatic lid
– Clean design
- Total capacities of up to 5.2 gal.

Origin series

The Trelino® Origin series is our original product that we designed with durability and compactness in mind. It has a unique composition with a outer toilet plus toilet seat & urine separator made of high quality polyethylene plastic (PE). In addition, it has a strong wooden lid with securing magnets made of birch multiplex giving it a nice, modern image.

Some features:
– Robust and durable body
– Strong wooden lid
– Removable seat w/ urine separator
- Total capacities of up to 5.2 gal
– Low weight & easy to transport
(11 - 15 lbs. )

Trelino Origin S in van

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