Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
fits in Trelino Evo models


🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator

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Plug to seal off urine canister (for Trelino® Evo models)

Bring some peace of mind to your travels with these sealing plugs! Made to fit all sizes, these plugs ensure odor prevention, stop leakage, and give you more independence in your travels.

Smells may occur from the urine area after consuming certain foods, medications, or if there is some lime build up from infrequent cleaning. Stop that stench in its tracks with the extra protection from this plug.

From accidental tipping to bumpy roads, the plug provides extra protection for your comfort to ensure there is no leakage.

This plug provides you with the independence to empty on your schedule as you can now travel with a full urine canister without fear of overflow. 

Use and Care

The plug can be easily inserted into the urine separator from above. The distinctive and bright colors make sure you notice and remove the plug before use. No unhappy accidents here! Additionally, the longer shape of the plug also makes removal easy and sanitary. 

Once it has been removed for cleaning, the plug's silicon material can be easily cleaned with water and, if necessary, a mild soap. For a deep clean, the plug can be boiled without sustaining damages.  


  • Silicon

Red for all Trelino® Evos

  • Diameter = 0.5 in. 
  • Total length = 1.75 in. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jackie (Canada)

    100% get this! It should just be included honestly, definitely a necessity to ensure no spillage and stopping any smells. Highly recommend!

    Satori (United States)
    The urine separator plug is the cherry atop the perfect mobile toilet (ew!)

    I’m not sure when I became the person who aspires to own a mobile toilet just like I used to dream of dresses and shoes. However, after waiting ages to find the perfect separating toilet, this one popped up at the perfect time. I’d expected to have to settle for a regular composting toilet, but they are far more expensive and are over-engineered to their detriment for my purposes. The insides of the Trelino are ideally suited to holding everything in place with no rattling while leaving no open crevices or deep corners to leak through or impede cleaning. It’s not only beautiful, but the pieces fit together and function as they’re meant to. The soft close lid makes it feel expensive when it’s half the price of what I had initially considered. I love this toilet. The only thing missing was the urine separator plug which I’ve now acquired! Honestly, it probably would have been fine without one for most people, but I go down some bumpy forest service roads. Why take the risk? It’s a good quality chunk of plug and hard to miss in red if you drop it.

    Mel (United States)
    Best little pot

    I didn't know one could love a portable toilet as much as I love my Trelino!! I bought a Winnebago Solis Pocket that came with a portapotti...I hated the chemicals and dumping! The Trelino is so easy to dispose of waste and clean. The absolute best solution for van life!!!

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