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Too soon

I am delighted with the commitment of Trelino staff to answer my questions and provide timely delivery. However, I have purchased the toilet for use in my camper this summer and will not be actively using it til then. I will provide a review when I can properly rate the item.

Great in teardrop!

Our Trelino looks nice and functions beautifully in our tiny bathroom. It’s exactly what we needed to eliminate black water!

Love this little compost toilet!!

I’ve been living in my van for 2 years and this is the first real toilet I have decided to try. The perks are its smaller size, not needing any electricity, and the lower price compared to the other big name compost toilets that are always mentioned. So far I absolutely love it!! There’s hardly any smell at all and I really like that it’s easy to remove/dispose of the waste. I would totally recommend this toilet to anyone if they asked!

Easy to clean

So easy to get rid of the waste! A small discreet container for the urine and no need for a complicated system. Vinegar and water to clean.

One of the best travel investments I have made!

I love my Trelino. It is the perfect size for my minivan and works great for a single person. It's comfortable without any sharp edges and easy to use. I would unhesitatingly recommend it. In fact I already have recommended it to a fellow nomad!

Missing one thing

April 1st will be the first trip in the Van! So I have not yet used this, I have looked at it. It needs a #2 cover. I intend to build one. Yes the #2 bucket comes with a lid but a person doesn't want to lift the top every time to cover and uncover the "bucket". It needs an "oval" shaped "lid" that can cover the opening to the #2 spot.
Otherwise everything else looks great, fits great in the van, and is exactly what I was looking for.

Compost toilet 🚽

I got this for my Pro Master van.
I used to have a port a potty. I think this, will be easier. We haven’t used it yet.

Not used yet! But love it already!

I can’t wait to use it!! My trailer is still buried in snow but the size is perfect (large). Truly a compact unit. And best of all I got poop socks 😊

Great Toilet!

I've been using the toilet on my sailboat for about 3 weeks now. I love it! It is small and light. Emptying it is easy and there is no smell if you keep it all cleaned regularly. Living on a boat, a lot of people use the same "tried and true" products. A different very expensive and popular composting toilet was recommended to me, so I bought it. It was too big, I needed a step stool to get on it, and cleaning it out was a pain. I hated it, so I sold it. I did a lot of research and went away from the "norm" and purchased the Trelino. Great price and great product! I would highly recommend it.

Nice Unit

Received quickly in good condition. It appears to look like good quality and will serve our requirements adequately. However it seems to more pricey than it should be.

Perfect for my camper

I have been using a cassette toilet for the past two years in my Cargo Trailer Conversion camper and it has been OK. However we don't use it for "solids" as it is more unpleasant to empty than when we use if for liquids only. Even then, emptying it into the campground toilet is something my wife won't do. Trelino separates the solids from the liquids in easy to manage sections. I didn't a stirring composting toilet and find this simpler, easier to empty, design. Am glad I purchased my EVO M and would do it again. David in Oregon

Trelino® Origin L • Composting Toilet for RVs

Best Valentine gift! 🤣 I was very happy!

Very good service! Great and stylish product.

Simple and discrete

This is a nicely designed product that is a big step up from a bucket and jug. No wiring or venting and can be left in the open without being seen as a toilet. It has been in our living room for over a week and my daughter finally asked what it was for?

Works as it should.

Very well designed unit. Works as expected, no smell at all and easy to empty and clean. Sturdy and light weight. I’m so happy to have this unit, way easier to deal with than the porta potty it replaced in my truck camper.

These toilets are a masterpiece of design in the world of composting toilets!

Yes, they are the best looking , most stealthy toilet out there! Yes the design and functionality are brilliant, but at the end of the day I still think they are priced extremely high for what they are…these could be so beneficial to so many people, but the price point gain only be achieved by a fraction of people that could really use something like this

Happy camper! Seems ideal for our DIY RV

The other options seemed too complicated, pricey and to much of a hassle to empty. After considering them all I was prepared to try another DIY option. Your product came available just in time. So happy with Trelino. Well designed and built and simple to use. We’re some happy campers here in Montana

Excited to try it out soon!

We haven’t used it yet, but are so impressed with the quality and simplicity of the design. It is everything we were looking for, and we are very happy with the toilet and the customer service!

Great little toilet

We like the construction and the collecting buckets. Wish it were cheaper though.

Look forward to trying it.

Fast shipping, came just as described. Have not had a chance to use it yet but it seems well thought out and just what I was wanting in a portable toilet. Dead simple to use, few moving parts, and easy to clean.

Great lightweight composing toilet!

Recently purchased the Trelino Evo M for my van but will also use in my travel trailer. Great design and works well. No issue with #2 order. Learned about the product from George at Humble Road.

Trelino® Origin L • Composting Toilet for RVs

Love love love it

It is the best looking, easiest to clean and must comfortably portable toilet I have owned. Highly recommend. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Storage Units

I have heated storage units that have my car and truck collection in.
My wife and our female friiends will be more confortable known we have first class
shitters. we now can enjoy our snacks and cool aids.

Haven’t used it yet, but already love it.

I’m still building my RV van, so I haven’t had a chance yet to use it. That said, it is very well made, and the height is perfect for me, AND it looks fantastic! I can’t wait to experience the awesomeness of my Evo M!