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Trelino® Evo S • Portable Composting Toilet

Awesome product

My spouse was very resistant and I can say she is now convinced. After using the toilet for 2 days (very comfortable and sturdy) on the road we came home and I did not have time to empty until 2 days later. Van sat in the sun for 2 days and when we got in to run a quick errand there was no odor. Clean up was easy and straightforward.

Compact and comfy

We are really happy using this. Comfortable and clean. Nice size to store under our bed in our van. Love the soft close feature. Outdoor luxury!

Amazing toilet

We were so impressed with the toilet, and the lack of smell and the easiness to empty and maintain that we plan on buying the large one when it becomes available. The medium one is just a little too small for us and our needs but we are going to continue to use it in our other trailer. Highly recommend this toilet to anyone camping in a van or even replacing in a trailer.


I love this toilet! It's so lightweight and portable, and has a great look. The Trelino Evo M was a great purchase!

Good place to poop

Works great, fits in my VW van perfectly

Bad arse!

Went with the small version and have to say the whole clan enjoyed reliving them selves especially in the middle of the nite. Fits the dimensions I needed and a breeze to empty.

Even better than I thought!!

Ease of movement.

I am very pleased with the ease of emptying the waste into my composting area. I had a Natured head before this and found it quite cumbersome and difficult to clean out. Another reason I like Trevino is that I can easily move it and take it when I go car camping.

Thank you :)

Our toilet on the boat is working just fine! Best to you.

Trelino Evo M

The toilet we purchased Trelino M for Van/Sprinters worked as advertised. Great design!!!

Exactly what I needed

Arrived quickly, small enough to fit under my bed in my micro camper van, comfortable and easy to clean, no smell… perfect!!!


Couldn’t be happier with your product and has greatly improved my daughters experience with road trips in the van.

Purched for a small van conversion camper

It is exactly what we needed

Simple, reliable

Intelligent simple I think it’s gonna work

Works Great

Love the small design, wood top and light weight. Perfect for our van.


10/10 experience. Shipped so fast and ready to use.

Evo plug

Order has not been fulfilled. Received email you were restocking, waiting for the plug to fulfill my order and use the Evo M for Sprinters.

Trelino® Evo L • Composting Toilet for RVs

Expensive but I love it

We started with a porta-potty, but after purchasing it quickly realized that brand would be a disaster waiting to happen. After extensive online research, we discovered Trelino and though pricy, it is the easiest, cleanest and best portable toilet out there. It is cleverly designed, keeps solids and liquids separate and could not be easier to use and maintain. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Its a game changer....I will never use a pit toilet again!

Trevino Evo, Good Structure

Arrived in good shape, no damage. Have not had opportunity to use as yet. We will be using it in our cargo trailer camper conversion, but probably not until next summer. I do not expect any problems. I believe it will work just fine and everything will come out ok.


Definitely moves us off the grid in RV living

Small , well built,

We got the small to conserve space. The taller one would be more comfortable for my wife. Additional $100?

Thank you for your review! If you do want to be able to add some height during use of your toilet, it is possible to have it on a base mounting plate. Since you are still trying to save space, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a permanent installation. However, if it is on a raised surface it should be secured down. One way you could do this would be with magnets so that you can secure your toilet on a raised plate to give it that height but also be able to take it off and store it. You can read some other installation ideas here as well:
If you have any other questions, let us know!

Trelino® Origin L • Composting Toilet for RVs

Great small portable toliet.

I love the small compact design of my Trelino Evo M. I have a transit van and it fits well in my small space.