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simple, clean and effective

I live full time in my tiny home on wheels, off grid for the most part and the Trelino makes such a difference. It is compact so it doesnt take up too much space in my 125sq ft tiny home and its easy to move around, easy to clean and I love that it doesn't have any plumbing or electrical attached. There is no smell at all and cleaning is a breeze.

Every home should have one for emergency use and know how to dispose the waste.

Spare Urine Canister

I love our trelino, I recently purchased another urine Canister to have as a spare along with some more valves.

The Best

I had a composting toilet before, but it was very difficult to clean. Trelino has made it so easy to clean and it looks great.

Perfect solution

Yup, these little things do work! Trelino for the win! I’m confident to recommend this product. We are 100% self-contained on our van trips thanks to having a toilet on board.


I love the freedom that comes with my Trelino, and the L size is just right for added comfort no matter where I go!!!

Well built & efficient

I'd been using a DIY version so I am very familiar with the functionality of these toilets. This one fits the same footprint as my old one but because the interior elements are perfectly fitted to the dimensions, both containers hold 2x or more, which is significant! I do find that I have to scoot way back on the box to make sure I hit the back hole as I did not on my first try. My old one was a little more comfortable with an actual toilet seat but it's not a place I'm going to linger so no matter.

Poop de Ville

Our canvas cabin is now complete. Who needs indoor plumbing when they can go out onto the deck and view the beauty of nature while doing the most natural movement? This product has our full appreciation and approval.

Great travel toilet.

Light weight, discrete, simple design, fits in our car or travel camper, no regrets, should of bought much earlier. Don't over think this. Take measurements, select the size that works best for you. If you can afford it, buy it now. If you can't, save up and buy it. (I did the latter) @alma.thegreencamper

Great Toilet

This toilet is great! Just used it as a back up at 2 music festivals and couldn’t be happier! I would recommend this toilet to anyone in the market

Working as designed

I wasn’t sure that simple sawdust would work to mitigate odor, but it seems to work just fine. I’ve only used it a few times for number two, but it’s very easy to empty. I do think the valve comes out rather easily when cleaning but overall pleased.


Well worth the cost for the ease and effectiveness of this portable toilet. Quite pleased indeed!

Was not happy with the price of the product

Trelino® Evo S • Portable Composting Toilet
James.ricky.lee@gmail.com L. (United States)
Light, works well.

Recommend over other options I’ve used. However, price is a little high and the urine container could use some better engineering to make it easier to pour out… like a slight funnel or angle vs having to slosh back and forth to ensure it’s empty.

so far so good. just used it once but pleased

The best portable toilet ever

I was a fan of the cassette toilets until I learned about Trelino onlne. I't just perfect. I don't have to deal with the bad smells or carry that large box around to dump on public restrooms. It's cute and practical. I love it!

Great Biffy

Live in the rural Yukon, have a 4 wheel camper, and will only use when cat holes are not acceptable (i.e. busy areas to the south). Nice and small and fits perfectly in an unused space. The wooden top makes for a great disguise!

Thrilled with purchase

We have had the Evo-L for 4 months now. We use it all the time, and we could not be happier. It's easy to use, easy to clean, sleek and sturdy. The one time I needed to ask customer service a question, they were prompt and courteous. I definitely give 5 stars and then some!

Quick and fast service.👍👍

No rips yet!

High quality compostable poop bags. No rips and no leaks. So far so great.

Great product and customer service

We really enjoy our EVO M. When it initially arrived the were minor issues due to shipping and handling. Trelino was quick to send out replacement parts. We love our Trelino!


So we upgraded the little outhouse at our summer camp and added the biggest Trelino composting toilet. Light weight, easy to clean. Not only does it look good, it performs well too. We also got the small one for our antique canned ham camping trailer. We are looking forward to pooping on the road all summer.
Enjoy, Rebecca

Best option in van toilets!

I love these toilets. So simple, space saving, and actually way more convenient than any other van toilets.

poorly designed

I've been putting this off because I wanted to like it.

I ordered the small one at $375 along with the suggested accessories, one roll of bags and something else. I found out they deliver 4.5 gallon bags for a 2 gallon unit, and when I read in the manual to be sure to replace these early so they don't dissolve, I thought what crap they should use plastic ones or something that's not going to melt in the pooper and chucked those in the trash as useless. turns out this small unit uses 2 gallon bags which is exactly the right size for using Walmart bags and that's good. they've got it mounted sideways and there's no place to sit that doesn't make your ass hurt. the plastic casing is very precise but seems too thin, every time I set my 150 lb on it and use it like a chair it poops out the delicately scented odor of my poop.
you need one of your people to actually try and use your product before you sell it.

Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
Sally B. (United States)
Yup, you need one!

Easy solution to prevent the odor from escaping. You will not regret having one!