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Video Review Evo Series

Based on 586 reviews
It works

It works as it should

Spare parts.

I live on the road retired to my travel trailer. I like to keep extra parts for most important items so when I ordered my trelino I ordered these inexpensive items just to be prepared.

I haven't used it yet but I do like it a lot but what it's needs is handles on the side for picking it up other than that it's just about perfect

Trelino® Evo Plug for urine separator
Melvin B. (United States)

It is still winter here in Montana -8F degrees is no time to go camping. LOL

Trelino Evo S

We we're a bit hesitant about going with a "compost" toilet, but are extremely pleased with how compact it is, how well it works (essentially no smell if you use the coconut husks in adequate amount), and relatively easy maintenance. We used to have a cassette type-this is much better. Many people are grossed out about the idea of it, but take a chance and try it. I bet you like it.


Absolutely love this toilet works great with Van Life!
(Van Life With Gina)

best minimalist human-waste solution out there!

I love that there are 3 sizes of the Evo model to choose from: get the largest one that will fit in your space. Maybe you want a turn-key solution for less $$$? Then you probably have heard of Boxio. Obviously you know you can save even more money with a diy option, but the form and function of the Trelino design is top notch. The investment is worth it if you are going to be using it a lot during your adventures.

A must have…

This has to be one of the biggest decisions when living full time in a vehicle. I have had different composting toilets that were very disappointing. This composting toilet to me is as perfect as I can get.. I love the simplicity, the style, the size and shape of the Trelino Composting toilet.
So, if you’re considering a composting toilet, this one, the Trelino Composting toilet, to me is, the highest ranking of them all. Oh and I purchased the M size but didn’t purchase any extra items.

Takes me back

Beautiful, well made tin.

Well made

Have yet to actually take it for a “test ride”, but it’s a beautifully made product, sleek, compact and lightweight but very strong construction. Looking forward to camping with it this spring!

Great product and customer service.

The product was easy to order. Trelino kept me updated during the shipping period. The products arrived on time without damage. Wish all company’s took that care with their product and customer service.

Pretty fantastic off-grid toilet for a lady!

Separating solids and liquids can be challenging in offgrid situations, but this little toilet makes it super easy! No smell! Very clean! Love it.

Freedom from the stinky slinky😃

I am so happy with this upgrade to our travels. We are full time rv, retired and love to boon-dock 2 weeks between moves. This is so much better than packing up every 8-10 days & drive around in search of a dump station just to pay them.

Must have

It saves the day and makes a trip more enjoyable because we don’t have to look for a restroom all the time

Trelino® Evo • Lid Cover
Victor Z. (United States)
The best portable solution?

So far the best portable toilet we have tried. Better than a Portipotti cassette, Wrappon or bag /gel toilet

Like it very much!

Works great! So happy I can just go in the bathroom instead of the outhouse when the septic tank fills up with heavy rain and we can't flush! Great product we highly recommend it 👍 money well spent as much as we have spent over the years!

Trelino brand bags

I do like these bags. They are dependable to stay intact. The handles make it easy to tie them off and carry them.

So far everything that was promised!

Easy to use and no smell!! I’ve only used the toilet for about a week but so far it’s great! Definitely would recommend. Note that the small, least expensive toilet sits low to ground and the seat is hard plastic.

Another one please — Thinking about purchasing an Evo L.


Finally got to use my Evo S today and was surprised by how comfortable it was to use. I put it on a wooden riser for a 16” H.

I was honestly concerned about how compact it was because I’m a wide bodied 270lbs retired guy (74+) and thought it was too small and short. But my concerns quickly changed when I made a temporary wooden riser and actually used it.

I’m thinking about using it in my van and ordering an Evo L for my 2021 Intech Sol Eclipse Trailer and would prefer not having any wood in the wet bathroom. (Seems like it would be easier to just have the L and move it in/out of the bathroom when I shower).

So I was wondering if there is any discount available for purchasing a second unit. I could make a short video showing both units—the S in my Van and the L in my trailer.

After years of using chemical toilets in sailboats and emptying holding tanks on rvs, I’m glad I stumbled across Trelino. You’re S is a great sized unit for my van (a 2018 Ram Promaster I converted to a camper first adding solar, a max fan, solar generators, insulation, etc. , and then remodeled to be a support vehicle for my trailer).

I think your Evo L would be great in my Eclipse.

Please let me know if there’s any discount available for a second purchase?


I think this will be better than what I have

I am taking out a recirculating type toilet out of my camper van and replacing it with the Trelino Evo L it will have about the same capacity. Got to be better smell wize.

Unexpected tryout

While we have not yet had a chance to tryout our Origin L on the road we have had a chance to use it.
A week before Christmas we had a sewer line break in our home (not actually inside but outside...Thank God!!). 3 weeks and $5600.00 later we have working plumbing again. Our Trelino was put to the test and performed admirably. Went to the pet store and got some Aspen shavings and coconut coir. As long as the toilet was closed it was odorless but take off the top, and while not overpowering, one couldn't help but know what it was full of. Just a matter of adjusting amounts of litter and I'm sure we can do better.
All in all I think we have a winner and can't wait to "take it on the road".

Too thin

Might be OK if you dispose of the bag after every use. It is very thin and wicks or leaks moisture out. Would not reorder unless greatly improved.

Works as it's intended. I do however wish Trelino offered all the products to USA customers as they do to their European market.

A small hole it the tiny handle would be nice, but overall works fine as its designed. I do however wish Trelino offered all the products to USA customers as they do to their European market.

Best compact toilet for vanlife!

This toilet doesn’t have the unnecessary complexity. It’s simple and does exactly what you need it to do—nothing more! The size is perfect and it fits in my small campervan. It’s easy to clean. It’s comfortable to use, not too short and not to tall for me to sit on. I’m really happy about it!