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1.3 gal. urine canister for Trelino M models

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Urine canister for composting toilet incl. lid 1.3 gallon - square

The spare canister for Trelino® M models acts as the perfect companion for longer trips when you don't want the added hassle of having to stop and dispose. 

The plastic carrying handle makes for easy lifting out of your composting toilet. No spills, no mess Includes one, closed lid. Lid with membrane closure not included.

The blue tint provides discretion when emptying and keeps away any yellowing that may occur in clear or white canisters.


  • Polyethylen (PE)
  • Color: semi-transparent blue


  • (W/H/D) 11.02/ 6.85/ 6.69 in.
  • Opening NW 100
    Ø inside approx. 100 mm

Suitable for the Trelino® Origin M or Evo M as a replacement urine canister or for building your own composting toilet. 

 *** Doesn't fit in the Trelino® S or L models

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wendy B. (United States)
Hooray! Redesigned for better draining!

Updated review! Redesigned with drainage channels! The original urine canister *WAS* the Achilles’ heel of an otherwise stellar product. Emptying the “original” canister, with its square-shouldered profile, involved shaking it up and down to try to get out the last few teaspoons of liquid. I’ve just noticed this brand-new canister has four shallow channels molded into the top plane to help liquid direct liquids to the opening when the canister is turned upside-down. Hooray! Haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but it looks like Trelino heard our complaints and has addressed the former issue! Thanks, Trelino! Giving you another star for being responsive. I only wish my original container had been better designed.

Stephen B. (United States)
1.3 gal. urine canister for Trelino M models

It's nice to have an extra container. The only thing is it would be nice if it could be emptied from one of the top corners. It is not easy to empty the container and keep the handle out of the way.

Olivia C. (United States)
Love my Trelino!

Took some time to get used to as a full-time van lifer, but absolutely love it now that I have the hang of how to put my bag in the solids bin the best way, how to dump the pee jug without getting liquid on my hands, etc. definitely a learning curve but excellent customer service & grateful to have a compostable toilet :) I would love if the next iteration had little clips on the side for the handles of the solids bag to be held on the side of the main bin to avoid messy disposal!

Gus L. (United States)
A must for our Evo-M

Well built, and comes with a solid top. Fits nicely in a bag to carry into a public restroom to dump in toilet. The Evo-M urine container is OK for two people if you empty it daily. We got two additional containers to reduce overflow worry and to enable skipping a day or two when traveling and boondocking.