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Man sitting on van in front of grand canyon scenery
Airing out your Portable Toilet...  ...without a fan?? So no, you do not always need a vent or fan installed in your composting toilet. On its own, your solid waste will be able to dry out as long as it is kept separate...
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Couple sitting on Trelino toilet and van in sunset
As outdoor enthusiasts, we've all had to grapple with the question: Where do we do our business? Do we keep a toilet on board? It's a legitimate concern, especially if you're planning on spending a lot of time using your vehicle...
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Composting toilet next to a fresh lake
A Clean Machine Every composting toilet is also a “dry toilet”. What makes the toilet dry is the separator which splits up number one and number two. The separators in our Trelino® composting toilets have been designed and tested to ensure the...
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