Separating Toilet Tips for Women

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While women do need to make a few adjustments when they use a Trelino, there are benefits to having this as your no-smell, portable toilet option. Being able to keep this small toilet inside and use it in your space, means that you do not need to go outside into parks that may be cold or even a little dangerous at night! Stay warm, comfortable, and safe by doing your business inside. You can also have some freedom by carrying and using it outside when the weather is fine!

Some of the things you'll need to keep in mind when you're a woman using your separating toilet are how you sit on it, how to dispose of your sanitary products, and how to clean out your canisters.

Pop a Squat!

How you sit on your Trelino is very important for your own comfort and for keeping it clean and smell free.

Separating toilet seating positionUnfortunately, men do have it a bit easier when it comes to using a separating toilet. The size and set up of the seat means that women need to work a bit more to find both comfort and functionality. Men can just sit down and let themselves go, while women have to move around to find that perfect spot. As an initial tip, the more upright your posture is, the easier it will be to aim. 

A good way to optimize your position is to change the angle of your legs. You can try this and also try to lean more forward on the seat or even try leaning backwards. It may look a little awkward to test these at first, so we recommend giving it a few test runs at home before taking your Trelino out into the wild. If you do get a little bit of pee in the solids container while you are practicing, that is not an issue! You can just add some of the litter material over it to soak up the moisture. 

We have found that once you do find that perfect position, it is easy to be able to find it again. From there, you’re ready to use your toilet free from any leaks, smell, or mess.

That time of the month

Your separating toilet can also be used during menstruation. If any gets onto the bowl, you wipe it off with some TP and toss that in the solids container with some litter to cover. If any blood does run into the urine canister, this is not an issue. You would just need to empty the canister more often when you are on your period. When water or other substances mix with urine, odors can start to develop. By giving it a rinse more often, you can keep the smell away. A good cleaning option for the canister would be a vinegar or citric acid solution.

You also can throw hygiene products like tampons or pads into the solids container. Just like the urine canister though, you would need to empty it more often in order to keep any smell from developing. If you do choose to put your period products in the solids container, it will no longer be suitable as a composting option.

Additionally, if you do use a menstrual cup, the contents can be dumped into the solids container. You would then cover it with the litter material so that it can be dried out. With this option, you do not need to clean out the solids container as often. 


cleaning separating toilet

For disposal of your urine, we do usually say that it is okay to sprinkle it around in nature. The urine actually can help provide nutrients! However, certain medications can affect the contents of it. This includes birth control. If you are on it, then you should not dispose of your urine in nature. It would be better to take the canister to a public restroom, when it is available, and flush it out.

Take it anywhere! 

Even though some steps need to be taken for women and their separating toilets, the easy-to-clean function and the comfort of a Trelino help with those! Be sure to pack your Trelino on your next trip so that you can experience that comfort yourself. 

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