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We have all been there. Enjoying the peace and freedom of the great outdoors. Just you getting out there, adventuring, escaping from the day to day. But then… nature calls. What do you do?? Leave the peace and quiet to hunt for a questionable public restroom? Face the elements by digging catholes? Or do you make some space and decide to go portable?? We have some ideas that might help you make this decision before it's too late. 

There are so many factors to be considered by outdoor adventurers when it comes to their bathroom solutions. Aside from the composting vs. cassette debate, even composting toilets have options to choose from! 

How does a Trelino® stand up to the competition? Take a look at our breakdown of each feature to find out.

Trelino Evo L

Composting Toilet with Agitator

Installed Composting Toilet

Evo L Trelino
composting toilet with agitator Composting Toilet Option
trelino size
Composting toilet size
composting toilet size
Weight 10.8 lbs. 28 lbs. 42 lbs. 
Capacity 5.2 gallons 6.8 gallons 5.7 gallons
Electricity needed? No Yes Yes
Level Indicator No No Yes
Price $550 $995 $790
Easy to Clean? Cleaning Composting Toilet Cleaning Composting Toilet Cleaning Composting Toilet
Poo With a View (portability) Portable Composting Toilet Portable Composting Toilet Portable Composting Toilet
Design Composting Toilet Function Composting Toilet Function Composting Toilet Function


Solids Container

Composting toilets which have agitators, make it much more difficult or even impossible to line the solids area with a bag. This makes for a heavier, more challenging and messy process as it needs to be tipped over instead of just lifted out in a bag. Tipping it out can lead to spillage and mess. 

Our containers create some of the easiest emptying and cleaning for a composting toilet. For the solids bucket, all you need to do is lift up the bag liner, tie it, and dispose of it while following local guidelines! It only takes minutes to switch to a clean bag and little to no effort. Just like taking out your trash at home!


Other Composting Toilets

Cleaning trelino cleaning composting toilet

Urine Canister

Most of the urine canisters in composting toilets have a similar build and idea. To get to the canister in most composting toilets, you need to lift up the separator and lid which can be heavy. The way the separator is connected to the urine canister can mean that if the canister is full there can be some splash when you lift it.  

Our urine canister is easily emptied out. There is plenty of space in the toilet's body which makes for easy lifting and a sealing membrane in the lid which keeps the liquid where it is supposed to be. No splashing, easy to carry, and discreet to empty


When you are getting your van, tinyhome, or boat together, you are looking for ways to maximize your space and the items in it. They need to work well, be efficient, and still look good. Most other composting toilet options are larger and have bulky add ons that limit where and how you can install or store your toilet. 

Trelino® is the perfect piece to add into your space. Why? Because it doesn’t look like a toilet! Trelinos can either be easily and conveniently placed into a drawer because of their smaller, more compact size or they can be displayed out in the open.


Other Composting Toilets

Trelino Composting toilet

Composting toilet


The next lightest composting option weighs in at 21 pounds while the heaviest can be up to 42 pounds. This weight can be limiting, much harder to move around and you may be stuck having to install your toilet into one, designated space. 

Our products are between 8.6 and 15.2 pounds. This not only helps when cleaning, but it also frees you up to use your toilet wherever you may want to go! With a Trelino®, you are free to go in your bathroom, around your campsite, or even take it out to a scenic area and poo with a view!


Other Composting Toilets

Trelino weight

composting toilet weight


The urine indicators are included in some other composting toilets to make viewing urine levels easier. However, that means that the urine canister sticks out in the front. Due to the hinged seat/lid, the canister can be hard to remove from under the seat and may splash out if full. 

The Trelino® design was meant to be discreet. This is the toilet that does not look like a toilet, so it should blend in with your build or space. Our urine canisters are designed with an opaque material and kept inside the body of the toilet, out of sight. The coloring allows for you to be able to see the urine level while also keeping your toilet a secret.


Other Composting Toilets

Composting toilet level indicator

Level indicator composting toilet

How to Choose

Finding the toilet that works best for you can make your trips that much easier and more comfortable.  Now you can feel at ease knowing you have all the nitty gritty details on this topic that can get pretty gritty. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or others! 

To reach us, email us at or chat with us here! 

Have a look and compare our options on our Trelino® comparison table to find the best size and look for you.


man sitting on composting toilet in the mountains





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