How to Install Your Composting Toilet

How to Install Your Composting Toilet
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"Is it possible to install my Trelino?"

Yes, it is possible! It's also very easy! The materials of both Trelino models are very durable plastic. While being lightweight, it is also able to easily drilled through without having to worry about cracks. Thanks to the separating design, you also do not need to worry about any potential smell if you are going to fix it down

Installing your composting toilet depends on the location and how mobile you plan to be with it. For example, will it be in a Tiny Home that doesn’t move or a boat which moves a lot? Would you want to stow it away in your van or install it into your shower as a wet bath situation? 

So, while they can be taken anywhere, installing your Trelino is an option available to anyone who likes their pot in one spot. Some steps you need to take no matter how you choose to install it are: 

  1. Make sure the surface you install it on is both level and sturdy. This is most important because it ensures that your composting toilet has a good, secure stand and is mounted in such a way that it does not sway or slide while driving.
  2. While some vehicle or boat models can be drilled directly into, others require a mounting plate as a buffer between the floor and toilet. A good, easy-to-find mounting plate can be a wooden slab.
  3. The positioning of your toilet is important. In a vehicle or off-roader,  a composting toilet should be positioned so that it is not thrown through the vehicle during emergency braking. The trunk or in the shower area can be good places to install your toilet.

    Van Installation

    There are several ways that you can fix your Trelino into your van. To start, there are markings on the interior of the Evos which show the best spots to drill into. Any of the installation options depend on how mobile you would like your toilet to be. 

    Interior Composting Toilet

    1) Fixed Down


     Drill for portable toilet installation portable toilet installation portable toilet installation portable toilet installation

    You can really make your space your own when install your Trelino into the floor of your vehicle. As our toilets are water-resistant, they can even be installed in a wet-bath*. After you have chosen where to set your throne, install is easy. A mounting plate can be used when necessary. This depends on your vehicle and personal preferences. A good material for this could be something as easy to find as a wooden slab.

    Once you have your solid base to install the Trelino over, you can drill down through your toilet. There are four indentations on the inside of your Trelino as pictured above. We included these in the build specifically so that you can easily identify the best points to drill into so that you can have the most secure possible build. The screws used for this should be water proof and then sealed with a rubber washer.

    Installed Potable Toilet Option

    *While Origins can be installed in a wet bath, we would recommend putting a finish on the wooden lid first to ensure longevity. 

    2) Fixed on Magnet Strip


    Drill for portable toilet installation
    Magnetic Installation
    toilet installation
    Composting Toilet Installation

    If you would like a bit more freedom, you can fix the toilet down with magnets. This can be done by first installing magnetic panels or bars to the floor or wall of your van.

      Once you have the grounding, magnetic panel in, you can then choose to either install your toilet's magnets to the exterior or interior of the Trelino body. To have them on the outside, you can drill through the body to insert screws. These should be placed in the same, recommended installation spots as shown above if you are going through the bottom. If your panel is on the wall, they can also be installed on the back side at least an inch and a half away from any of the corners or edges. When you have the screws in, they can be fastened with magnetic thread covers. 

      3) Tied Down


      Portable Toilet Bungee Cords

      You can also fix down your Trelino with belts or bungee cords. This would be as simple as wrapping the cords around your upright toilet and latching them onto a sturdy wall or structure in your van. 

      Installation on a Boat

      We highly recommend fixing your Trelino down into your boat. The overall process for a boat is similar to a vehicle's. However, we gave boat installation for a composting toilet its own section because there is a lot more motion of the ocean that these sailors will be up against. With that extra movement in mind, there are several factors to take into account for this process. 


      Drill for portable toilet installation
      portable toilet installation
      portable toilet installation
      portable toilet installation
      angle plates for composting toilet install

      Boats will typically have a wooden or a strong, flexible fiberglass underground. While these can be drilled into, we recommend that you attach a wooden plate to these undergrounds. From that mounting plate, there is an easy install. You should use at least three water proof screws to drill and attach through the Trelino interior to the mounting plate. 

      In order to keep the toilet extra sturdy through those rough waves, you can also install angle plates on either side of your toilet and the walls. This will prevent the toilet from breaking out of its bracket if things do get particularly rough.

      A Van Toilet Slide

      This van toilet slide is perfect for a DIY camper van conversion. It looks like a seat and your Trelino can easily be slid out from the drawer beneath it. All you need to do is set your Trelino in it, then slide it out when you need to go! You can even make it more comfortable by setting a cushion on top! 

      And of course...

      If you don't want to mess with all the tools, installation can be as easy as placing your Trelino into a drawer! This both provides you with the freedom this lightweight toilet can give you while also allowing you to make the most of your existing storage space. Once it is in there, you just need to open the drawer, lift it out, and then take it to your favorite spot to use!

      Portable Composting Toilet
      If you come up with any unique installation ideas, be sure to let us know by emailing us at !

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