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The Perfect Portable Toilet for your Travels

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Lightweight & Portable

"Best Camping Gadget of 2024" - Men's Health

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Small and Simple
A new way to travel

Experience a new way of freedom off-grid, without the need for any dump station. The Trelino Evo S is so small, yet so easy to use. Your adventures become hassle-free!

Poo with a view
Compact toilet for mobile use in nature

Thousands of campers, outdoorsmen, crafters and parents confirm, "The only portable toilet for camping with a feeling like home."

Robust and simple
Sturdy all-purpose toilet for any adventure

Our Origin series combines design, functionality and high-quality material like no other toilet.

Trelino's unbeatable advantages

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Easy to handle

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Simple disposal

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No smell

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Super compact

Made in Germany 🇩🇪
The perfect travel toilet

Our toilet products are a great fit for your outdoor adventures. Whether you are camping, overlanding, or taking weekend trips, everyone can benefit from a Trelino® toilet!

The intelligent separation of 'solid' and 'liquid' prevents smell and allows disposal in no time. It's so simple, you will never want to switch back!


A dry separation toilet consists of a body, a lid and a toilet seat. Its inner parts include two containers and a urine separator. This separates liquid from solid and thus forms the heart of the toilet. The aim is to keep the big business as dry as possible.

For this purpose, the urine is diverted to the front into a canister. To prevent leakage and odors, the lid of the canister has a special membrane. The solid waste ends up in a separate container lined with a garbage bag. Here you can also throw the toilet paper.

To enhance the drying process, sprinkle the big business with bedding material after going to the toilet. Drying prevents the formation of bacteria, which are responsible for the usual odor. For emptying, you can remove both containers separately from each other.

Yes, it is ready to go! For any Trelino® toilet you order, you should receive the following:

  • The body
  • The toilet seat with a separation insert & an attached lid (for the Evo series) or a wooden lid (for the Origin)
  • 1x urine canister
  • 1x lid with a membrane closure
  • 1x additional closed lid,
  • 1x solid waste container
  • 10x plastic bags that fit your toilet

We use compostable bags or completely recycled plastic bags for the solid waste bin. Both types are reinforced and non-transparent.

Basically, you can use any bag, but make sure the material is strong enough and take into account the size of the solids container.

As a litter material for drying the solids, we recommend natural materials such as very fine sawdust, small animal litter, coconut bricks or mini hemp.

Tip: We do not recommend cat litter. The granules become very heavy, can develop their own odor and are often chemically contaminated. Alternatively, just try it with dried coffee 😉.

You can empty the liquid in any toilet that is connected to the sewage system, whether at the rest area or the toilet blocks at the campsite. Alternatively you can also sprinkle the urine out in nature as a fertilizer.

Emptying the bag is as easy as using it: You can dispose of the bag with the solids in the residual waste or put the contents in the composter (if you are using compostable bags).

All of our separating inserts have a special coating and thus support the drainage. For cleaning, we recommend that you mix vinegar (or concentrated vinegar) with water and pour it into a small spray bottle.

This way, the mixture can be easily applied to the separator insert and the individual containers and wiped off.

In particular, never rinse the urine canister with pure water, as the combination of urine with pure water promotes urine scale.

Just rinse the canister with a bit of vinegar after each emptying cycle and you are good to go.

Tip: Since urine can develop its own odor due to nutrition, we recommend that you add a few drops of vinegar essence to the canister in advance to prevent the odor and the formation of urine scale. 🙂

You still have a cassette or chemical toilet installed? No problem! Our separation toilets can replace these without restriction. The pre-installed chemical toilets are usually only screwed to the back wall and floor and the water drain must be closed.

If you do not have the confidence to do the conversion yourself, we will be happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us 🙂 .

Tip: You want to be able to remove your Trelino® flexibly? 🙂 Then use velcro or strong magnets to secure the separation toilet while driving, but also to be able to use it as a stool outside, for example.

USA: Yes, Domestic ground shipping is free for all orders above $250 (for Alaska and Hawaii, we charge a fee of $30 to cover the excess shipping fees).

Canada: Shipping to Canada is done via international express air freight and comes at additional costs. These costs are subsidized by us, so they are lower than what you would normally pay.

German Design Award Winner 🥇

We are honored to be awarded with the German Design Award 2023 for our new product line, the Trelino® Evo

✔ Simple ✔ Compact ✔ Beautiful
✔ Made in Germany 🇩🇪

Stay longer in your favorite place.