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The compost toilet for your motorhome

✔ Easy to use, empty & clean
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✔ Large capacity of 5.2 gal
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Dry composting toilet
Trelino® Origin L

Product Highlights 💩

☆ Convenient to use & empty
☆ Robust and ruable body
☆ Comfortable seat height
☆ Large capacity
☆ Beautiful design
☆ Low weight, easy to transport

Trelino® Origin series
Quality products designed to last

The Trelino® Origin series is designed with durability and
compactness in mind.
It has a unique composition with an exterior plus toilet set & urine
separator made of high quality PE. In addition, it has a strong
wooden lid made of birch multiplex.

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Trelino® Origin L • Composting Toilet for RVs
Trelino Origin L durable easy to clean
Trelino Origin L complete content
Trelino Origin L easy disposal
Trelino Origin L leakproof
Trelino Origin L dimensions
Trelino Origin L open lid front
Trelino Origin L toilet in van bathroom
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Trelino Origin toilets in comparison

🇩🇪 Made in Germany

Trelino® Origin L • Composting Toilet for RVs

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The best-looking composting toilet for RVs on the market! Designed and made in Germany, the Trelino Origin L has a comfortable seat height, a durable body and a very sturdy wooden lid.
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How does a composting toilet work?

The inner workings of a composting toilet essentially consist of three parts: separator, urine canister and solids container. The separator leads the urine into the canister, while the solids end up in a bucket with a compost bag. You can also read a more detailed version in our blog post here.

What should I pay attention to when using it?

The correct sitting position is crucial for the best possible function of a composting toilet. For anatomical reasons, this differs for women and men. 

Why does a composting toilet not smell?

Odors are caused by the mixing of solids and liquids. Separating the excreta and then drying the solids prevents undesirable aromas. 

Do I have to change/empty the plastic bag after each use?

No! The whole point of using litter as a cover material to dry out the poo is that you can use the bag for several days and only empty it once full enough. Depending on the size, the bags hold between 3 and 12 number 2s.

Where can I get the litter / cover material to dry the solids?

You will be able to buy litter from us some time early next year. Until then or otherwise you can also buy good litter material from any garden or home improvement store. Find more info on our blog post about litter here.

When do I need a fan?

A fan counteracts condensation, accelerates the drying process of the solids and ensures that fragrances quickly dissolve into thin air. This makes it particularly suitable for long emptying cycles or if your Trelino® is used by several people. All Trelino® models of sizes M and L can be equipped with an optional fan. Any S model does not need a fan due to its compact dimensions and short emptying cycles. 

What happens when I have diarrhea?

Diarrhea is not a problem when using a composting toilet. Just use more litter to compensate for the liquid.

Where do I dispose of the contents?

Urine can easily be disposed of in a toilet connected to the sewer system. Diluted, it is also suitable as fertilizer for the home garden or the raised bed on the balcony. The bag with the solids is a case for the residual waste garbage can. Conditionally, composting is also possible. The urine canister and solids container can be emptied independently of each other.

Plastic bags and composting - how do they fit together?

For us, sustainability and environmental awareness do not end with disposal - we think beyond the garbage can. That's why we use renewable, organic materials for our solid bags that can be easily composted.

How do I clean a composting toilet?

Cleaning a composting toilet is as simple as its use. The household remedy diluted vinegar concentrate has proven its worth for most of the cleaning. Read more about it in our blog post here.

What makes Trelino® so special?

Trelino® is a quality product designed to last. A high-quality composting toilet that will accompany you for many years and makes a statement against the throwaway culture. In addition, Trelino® combines optimal functionality, ease of use and high comfort behind a unique design.