Goodbye nasty toilets and hello Trelino® composting toilets!

The new toilet innovation for vans, camper trucks & RVs. Compact. Convenient.

Experience unlimited freedom with a Trelino® toilet
Man sitting on Trelino Origin S by ocean
How does a Trelino composting toilet work?

1. A separator divides liquids & solids (Step one to prevent smell)

2. You add a litter material after each use (Step two to prevent smell)

3. No flushing, no chemicals

4. Dispose of liquids & solids separately once filled up

5. Enjoy freedom offgrid

trelino separating mechanism explained
Trelino Evo inside

Watch what our ambassador Linnea says about Trelino®

Why separate?

Most toilets (e.g. at home or the typical camping toilet) mix liquids & solids. This mixing creates most "toilet problems":

  • Smell
  • Weight (using water to flush)
  • Short emptying cycles
  • Nasty emptying procedures

By separating, you avoid all these problems 💩🏕

Trelino® checks all boxes

✔ Beautiful shape

The Trelino® Origin doesn't even look like a regular toilet and will make your setup definitely stand out.

Trelino Origins Compared

✔ Perfect size

With a total capacity of up to 5.2 gallons and compact dimensions, the Trelino® Origin toilets are the perfect partner for your adventures.

✔ Ease of use

A smart separation system makes everyday use super simple. Empty & clean in minutes without chemicals or mess.

The best toilet for your travels

✔ Easy to use, empty & clean
✔ 23,000+ travelers trust us
✔ Free shipping within the US
✔ Large capacity of up to 5.2 gal
✔ From $450
✔ Made in Germany

Trelino in van
Dry composting toilet
The Trelino® Origin

Product Highlights 💩

Robust and durable body
☆ Comfortable seat height
Compact dimensions
Beautiful design
☆ Low weight, easy to transport

Customer reviews from around the world


We are thrilled and the Trelino L meets our expectations 100%

Andrea M.



Simple and great design

Rick C.

Montana, USA


I was surprised how easy it is to handle. The toilet is very comfortable and also easy to clean up.

Joe S.



So much better than my previous solution!

Isabel C.



Very well made, it looks fantastic!

Joan E.

Florida, USA

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